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Do Not Disturb Button Extension Features

  • A panel button is provided to toggle on or off the receipt of notifications.
  • A keyboard shortcut can be assigned to perform the toggle function.
  • The Available and Busy panel button icon image can be selected by the user.
  • An optional count of active notifications is displayed next to the panel button.
  • The position of the button on the panel is a preference setting.
  • If the Busy State Override At Session Start is enabled the extension will start in the Busy state at session startup. If the Busy State Override At Session Start is not enabled the extension will start in the Available state.
  • Notification sounds can be muted while in Busy State and un-muted when the state changes to Available.
  • A Busy State Timeout is provided.

When the extension is in the Busy state non-critical notifications are not displayed to the user as they are received. The extension detects unseen notifications and activates the notification indicator dot after the time display in the panel to alert the user to unseen notifications in the calendar notification area.

The ability to set a busy status for notifications was removed from Gnome Shell 3.16. The Do Not Disturb Button extension provides a means to set the presence status for notifications. It does not provide integrated presence setting with Online Accounts. A later release of the Gnome Shell may provide an improved means for providing this function.

The discussion of this issue on the Fedora Desktop List lead to the creation of this extension. "Do Not Disturb Thread".... "Do Not Disturb Thread Continued"

Ubuntu 17.10 introduced a modified version of Gnome Shell to provide a 'Unity like experience'. The Do Not Disturb Button Extension has been modified to be compatible with the Ubuntu default Ubuntu Session as of extension version 19.

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