These pages are provided in the hope they will be helpful.

Copyright and License

All software is the intellectual property of its author and is protected by copyright
unless otherwise specified.

All software is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
or a compatible license unless otherwise specified.

Bugs... etc.

Report gnome-shell extension bugs at the Extension Website (a login is required).

Please use "Bug report" instead of "Comment" to report problems with an extension. Often
problems noted in a comment are conflicts with another extension or using a custom theme.
If a "Bug report" is filed I will contact the user if a valid email address is associated
with the user's Extension Website account. If it is a bug I will correct it. If it is a
conflict I may or may not be able to provide a resolution.

If you have a Github account report any issues at nls1729/acme-code.
Contributions of translations via Pull Requests are very much appreciated.

If you have a question or comment, email me.


The html mailto links used in these pages expect the local email client to be executed with
the addressee completed in the client as displayed in the mailto link. Firefox and Epiphany
operate as expected. Other browsers may not. If you have problems using the mailto link,
please manually copy the email address into your local email client or your webmail service
email form.